Patient Monitoring: Approach

Decisive Point Consulting Group (DPCG) is partnered with CareView, a leading edge health IT provider, to meet the needs of Veterans in the healthcare system. At this facility, CareView is used across three separate units in two different buildings. The Veteran population of these units varies from low to high acuity, with factors including cognitive disabilities and memory impairment.  The monitoring is done using a hub-and-spoke design, centrally monitoring all the rooms from a single location. From here, trained staff members view the camera feeds and assess the alerts generated by CareView’s patented Virtual Rails® technology

The alerts are designed to draw the attention of the monitor technician at the central location instead of sounding in the room disturbing or frightening the occupants.  The virtual monitor technician has the option to communicate with the Veterans using pre-recorded audio messages in 18 different languages, or by initiating a two-way communication line through CareView. In situations where the virtual monitor technician determines that the Veteran needs assistance or is not responding to redirection attempts, then they can escalate the event to the floor staff to physically intervene.

CareView’s Patient Safety System


As a result of the CareView installation, Veteran falls at this facility were reduced by 94% over 2 months.